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I was hired by NotaryCam to work closely with their engineering team to refresh their branding and adapt those brand changes throughout their responsive web app. Once that was completed, we moved on to building out their sub-brand (E-Close 360), making UX changes to their web application, and designing the UI for their new IOS and Android native apps.

Outdated branding, confusing navigation, and cluttered design resulted in lost brand integrity, despite being the first and longest standing online notary app. We also needed to find a way to decrease the support requests by providing clear troubleshooting in-app through the use of walkthrough screens, tooltips, and limited action options for users to take. We also needed to design an IOS and Android app that felt familar enough to users who had previously used their web application, especially notaries who are the most frequent repeat-users.

Beautiful design and intuitive navigation allows users on both sides of the app to have a more pleasent experience. We were able to design a userflow that seemlessly guided a user through uploading a document, connecting with a notary and verifying an identity, signing the documents, and paying the notary all in a native app.

Role Visual Identity, Product Design