Find your perfect office space.

OfficeSpace.com is a platform for users to easily find commercial real estate and connect with brokers, and for brokers to list their properties. It's like Zillow, but for commercial real estate. I worked as the solo designer, working closely with the VP of Engineering, to refresh the visual identity of the brand and modernize the design of the application.

When I first started talking to people at the company about their biggest issues with their current platform, the main thing I heard was that their site looked outdated, and thus, potentially untrustworthy to potential users. Some additional challenges that they faced included: needing to maintain linking structures, so no major navigational changes, due to a massive SEO effort that they had embarked on prior to me joining them, but also needing a way to structure their expansive filtering and search features in a way that was easy for users to navigate for their perfect space.

The first challenge I tackled was finding a cleaner way to distinguish between the two different users. Navigation architecture was key when trying to accomodate for different ways people want to search for properties, and also to differentiate the primary user flow (tenants) from the secondary user flow (brokers/real estate professionals). Once that was established in a way that maintained both their current application structure and integrity, I moved onto visually updated their site and brand. I chose to maintain a blue/green color scheme, but in fresher hues, and added a purple accent color for certain CTAs. I also added iconography with custom mini-animations. It was important for me to find little, non-distracting, ways to make the site interesting and show users that Officespace.com cared about these details, and thats exactly what we did.

Role responsive web app design, landing page design