Fastest shipping.
At the best rates.
All from your phone.

Most recently, I have been working closely with the shipping startup, ShipShap to help them design a way for their customers to create and print shipping labels, at the lowest rates, from their phones. Decreasing post-office time and increasing users “IRL” connections, whether through gifts to their loved ones or to their own small business consumers.

When working with a brand new company, I typically am faced with the same challenge: time and money. They need it quick, and they need it cheap, just to validate the idea. Lucky for me, when I was approached by the founder of ShipShap, he quickly downloaded a BETA on my phone of a working app, so the development contraints were made clear. I needed to work within an already built app- but with freedom to make UX recomendations and design UI guidelines that he could easily implement himself across screens, since his budget didn't account for every screen to be designed, and being able to design straight in code, would get this to the app store quicker.

I started building out the UI system by playing around with a landing page and 2 app screens. This way, I was able to see how the typography, colors, grid layout, iconography, and components would work together across devices. I was able to quickly create a brand and a library of components that could easily be adapated across app screens and bring Eyoel's vision to life. Currently, we are working on a Secret Santa feature that allows users to create Secret Santa groups in-app and automatically create shipping labels for those gifts, as a way to promote engagement off-app and simplify the shipping process.

Role strategy, design system creation, visual identity, user interface design, user-experience consulting